Design The Worst Band Shirt Ever – The 31 Finalists

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And we’re back. Well, sort of. Still have a ton of software to install and things to update and whatnot. It’s my birthday today, so my grand plan is to kick back with a glass of wine and watch The Vampire Diaries (OMG! Elena!). Meanwhile, because I care (see my care face!), I’ll leave you with this funny post from Low Times listing some of the more stupid ideas for band t-shirts.  Continue reading

A tale of two websites

Two cell phones by Ben Schumin via Zach Vega Wikipedia

Vodafone just lost thousands by refusing a £10 refund.

I estimate that I’d spend around £2,000 in 10 years – assuming 3% inflation – on mobile phone costs if I stuck with my current habit of topping up £10 each month and buying an £80 handset every two years (I hope my maths is right). I’m returning to work after maternity leave next month, during which I hardly used my phone, so it was a surprise when I couldn’t top up online. I’d done so many times before, but after updating my credit card details following a routine expiry, it suddenly didn’t work any more.  This was Friday. Continue reading