Watch With Mother: 5 Family Friendly Films

It’s not Mother’s Day in the UK for another two weeks, but if you’re seeing your dear old ma for the occasion and are stuck for ideas on what to put on the DVD player, I have a few suggestions.

It’s easy to get stuck – after all, family viewing is a minefield. I still remember from years ago my friend telling me in mortified tones about the time when she was watching Basic Instinct and her parents decided to watch it with her. I think all of them spent most of it staring at their feet, blushing furiously. I had better luck when I brought home Four Weddings and a Funeral, thinking it would be a nice, old-fashioned comedy. My mother walked out after the twentieth “f***”.  Continue reading

5 Awesome Trailers (from weirdly disappointing films)

Sometimes a trailer is two minutes of perfect entertainment in itself. If the film turns out to be wonderful, we think nothing of it, but if there’s a disparity with the final product, it can prove immensely disappointing. But at least there’s still that excellent trailer to enjoy.

1. Star Trek: Nemesis

The trailer: it’s tense, absorbing, breathtaking, moving and funny. If they’d actually made the film that this trailer depicts, Star Trek wouldn’t have needed a reboot.

The reality: the fact they’d hacked up unrelated lines from the film to make much wittier dialogue in the trailer just added insult to injury.

. Continue reading