Fan Video: Metallica – The Thing That Should Not Be

If there’s one song that typifies the kind of bone-shattering, chuggy riffs I love above all, it’s Metallica’s The Thing That Should Not Be, from the superlative Master of Puppets album. It’s pretty much my favourite song at the moment. I listened to it at least six times yesterday.

Youtube user cynicaster obviously agrees, because he’s made a sweet fan video to go along with it – but rather than just putting the lyrics over a lazy picture slideshow, he’s cut together clips from Andrew Leman’s 2005 movie Call of Cthulhu.

Leman’s film was made for just $50,000 and shot in black and white with the aim of showing what it would have looked like had HP Lovecraft’s story been filmed on its release in 1926. The silent-era stylistics are beautifully done and – though I haven’t seen the film – its festival showing was sold out thanks to some glowing reviews.

With the thematic fit, this is an enjoyable way to hear the song.