#musicmonday : Delerium – Incantation

Today’s #musicmonday comes to you via a bit of a detour, since I was actually looking for something else. I was enthused after reading OMH’s review of the new Mediaeval Baebes album, and its description of their version of She Moved Through The Fayre as “tear-inducing”. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything, but this is pretty good.

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My Funny Valentine (etc)

Lurrrve is in the air. Well, not so much here, as the chocolate souffle was wolfed down in between burping my 12 week-old and sipping low-alcohol wine. But that has its own romance, you know: the “happily ever after”. My valentine message to Him Indoors was “I can’t believe how not sick of you I am” – and I meant it.

So here’s some sizzling songs for those living the fairytale, and those whose handsome prince or princess is currently off somewhere fighting dragons.

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