First Impressions: Nicola Roberts – Cinderella’s Eyes

Forget Cheryl bloody Cole or any of the other dollies with the Oompa Loompa tans – Nicola Roberts was always as interesting as she was pale. The pretty one from Girls Aloud, she also turns out to have the best songs – and frankly a fairly impressive voice.  Let’s get this straight before we start: this is not what you’re expecting. Continue reading

Red hot: 25 carrot-haired cuties

You might have caught the furore this week when the world’s largest sperm bank called a halt to donations from redheads because supply exceeded demand. In the public interest (and for those in the market for donor sperm) we’d like to remind you all of the finer qualities of the red of hair. Special thanks to Popshifter‘s flame-haired correspondent, Julz Clark Finley, who helped me research this terribly academic article on famous hotties with coppery tresses.

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#musicmonday : Nicola Roberts – Beat Of My Drum

Nicola Roberts photo by Laurenski/Getty Images

Nicola Roberts was always my favourite member of Girls Aloud, who are probably my all-time favourite girl group. That’s probably heresy if I’m including the 1960s, but in terms of actual listens, the Girls Aloud greatest hits CD has had way more plays in this house.

There’s not a huge amount to be said about this song, which is equal parts puerile and sophisticated. There’s more of an 80s influence than the fashion, from the ferocious rhythms to the playground-shout chorus. Continue reading