7 Everyday Household Killers (Orphan, and other movie maniacs)

I just watched Orphan – the psycho-in-the-family schlock horror starring Vera Farmiga, Peter Sarsgaard and Isabelle Fuhrman. It’s produced by Joel Silver and Leo DiCaprio, and is reasonably well-made and entertaining with a genuinely surprising plot twist. I’d recommend it in a “watch it if it’s on TV” sort of way.
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10 (more) best music scenes in movies

Moviefone recently produced a list of their top 50 best music scenes in movies (exempting musicals or scores).

I think they made some pretty notable omissions. Here are 10 more, in no particular order.

10. She’s All That
The scene: prom night

There’s nothing new about expertly choreographed dance scenes in movies – but when it’s completely unexpected, it does seem more magical. This was a welcome twist on the obligatory school prom scene, with a tacked-on explanation that it’s the school dance club showing off their moves.

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