#musicmonday : Oneida – Up With People

Newsflash – newborn babies are incredibly hard work. I have a backache from bouncing the screaming (but unbelievably cute) tot on my knee. I’ve tried dumping her into her bouncing chair to get a bit of respite but she just slumps over and pouts at me with ever-greater exaggeration – and if that doesn’t work, she screams again. She’s inherited her dad’s Dave-Mustaine-lip-curling-snarl, so the angrier she gets, the funnier it gets, but she is awfully noisy. So I pretty much don’t have time to blog.

Here’s a song I like by Brooklyn band Oneida, who I’d describe as “clank“. Enjoy. Continue reading

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Free music! Free video game!

If you’ve ever liked music, there’s a reasonable chance that you have enjoyed the music of Portishead. I certainly did in the 90s, but lost touch with what they were up to some years back. At the end of this month, they’re curating a festival at Astbury Park, NJ. If that’s a little far for you, they’ve handily put together a free-to-download mixtape featuring the acts who’ll perform, including Battles, Factory Floor, Cults, Swans, DD/MM/YYYY, and Manorexia. I’ve only heard the first track so far (Oneida), but this is seriously good music. Continue reading