Watching Brave on a mobile phone as a passenger in a moving car was probably not the best way to watch Disney-Pixar’s latest fairy tale, but it was the only chance I’d get to see it. Even so, it was subject to several interruptions as my 13 month-old tried to pull the phone out of my hand.

The other film I’d rented through Google Play was the British animation, Arthur Christmas, and the difference in quality was remarkable: this is how the professionals do it.

The first, biggest, most obvious thing about Brave is that it is astonishingly beautiful. The lush colours, the realistic water animations, the sheer spectacle of the Scottish countryside – which is as much Brave‘s headline star as New Zealand toplined Lord of the Rings. The obligatory princess, Merida, is breathtaking, too – her hair deserves a movie of its own. Or perhaps this is it.

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I’ve got my head turned away so nobody can see the tears rolling down my cheeks. A shy little boy has met fellow adventure enthusiast Ellie, and dreamt of following in the footsteps of explorer Charles F Muntz in South America. Carl has married Ellie, held her as she cried because they couldn’t have children, and grown old with her. Year by year, their dreams to visit Paradise Falls have faded. Finally a widower, Carl is an elderly curmudgeon.

It’s about ten minutes into the film, and I’m devastated. I’ve also laughed out loud twice already.

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