10 punk songs I actually think are great

We were just watching a documentary on punk, which was disappointing because it interviewed bands like Sum 41 who just don’t count in my book. Punk was mostly about the DIY ethic. One of the cheery, polished kids in this doc said that he enjoys corporate sponsorship “so that we don’t have to do things ourselves” and that everybody uses brands anyway so we might as well exploit that. I don’t think you’d ever have seen the UK Subs in a Nike t-shirt, but I digress.

I love the idea of punk but never usually enjoyed the music – it’s one thing to tell people that anyone can do it, but most people can’t do it very well. There are still quite a few punk songs I do like, such as these. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of debate about what “counts”, and it’s difficult to define. Half of them straddled the line with new wave, and I wouldn’t classify Talking Heads as punk at all, so it’s hard to say. Regardless, these are some top tunes.  Continue reading