5 favourite mash-ups (with download links)

OK, so I was just discussing mash-ups with someone, and though the genre (or practice) of mash-ups is old and tired and done to death, by its very nature it can be limitlessly inventive. Over the years, I’ve heard some frankly awe-inspiring incongruities, and here are just a few of the ones I’ve loved best.

1. Nine Inch Nails – Hand That Feeds / Ghostbusters Theme

This was created by Nathan Chase for a fan remix project

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Why artists shouldn’t stick to art


Written for Collapse Board

Everett True reckons that Artists Should Stick To Art instead of making mixtapes of obvious dad rock. If mixtapes made by artists are so disappointing in real life, I think we should invent some fantasy selections.

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Great Videos: Rammstein – Sonne

Him Indoors reckons Rammstein are the new AC/DC: deliciously moreish riffs in utterly disposable pop-metal songs. I’d have more likened them to Disturbed, about whom you could say the same thing.

Sonne, as well as a suitably memorable chorus, has a totally unforgettable video. Be warned: it’s not safe for work. Continue reading