Great Mixtapes: Select – Red Tape

Following yesterday’s delightful free mixtape, I was reminded of one of my all-time favourite compilations. Red Tape came free with issue 4 of Select Magazine, in October 1990 (I was turning 14). It had a fairly major impact in forming my music tastes at the time.

I’m going to embed all of the tracks (where available) because it’s definitely worth hearing in its entirety, and I’ve put links to anything I’ve covered elsewhere. It covers a wide range of music so there should be something here for everyone.
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Renegade Soundwave – Murder Music

There’s something about that genre-spanning British crossover music that feels more brutally authentic than the PVC-clad posturing of those bands who woke up in the late 1980s and figured they’d make that “industrial” music that everyone was banging on (pots and pans) about. I suppose it’s because they weren’t smug in the assurance that people who liked that sort of music would automatically like them, so they had to write songs that were good all the way through.

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