Write and wrong: quotes from a scandal

News of the World Dylan Thomas Alamy Economist

The stench of corruption is sickening. I’d always said that the difference between Brits and Americans is that the Yanks trust people and the Brits trust institutions, but now ours lie in tatters and we’re floundering. On the one hand, it’s easy – and right – to react with shock and outrage at just how deep this toxic rabbit-hole goes, but on the other, any sensible person has to recognise the potential for a hysterical witch hunt that does nothing to restore our confidence in the institutions that we need to trust in to function.

We all “know” that newspapers are dirty and politicians corrupt and that there will inevitably be a few rotten coppers on the force – but to see it there writ large as hacks are jailed and police accused of being paid off? That’s not naiveté on the part of the public. It’s a seismic event in our culture that could send shockwaves around the world.

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Why I gave money to Rupert Murdoch on the same day I campaigned against him

I finally caved today and subscribed to The Times website. The venerable newspaper put its site behind a paywall, which most people thought was a pretty bad idea, until they realised one thing about The Times: once you go without it for long enough, you miss it and want it back.

I’ve never been an avid Times reader – more of a Guardian or Independent type by nature – but even though the Indescribablyboring (as Private Eye used to call it) used to claim the centre ground, it’s really just a Liberal Democrat version of the Guardian, and if you read both and nothing else eventually all the handwringing and bleating just gets a bit … much.

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