30 day song challenge: day 21 – a song that you listen to when you’re happy

Honestly? The tune I reach for when the sun is blazing and a smile on my face is Yvonne Elliman’s If I Can’t Have You.

Yes, she’s forlorn, but the upbeat tempo and rousing brass is enough to put a bounce in anyone’s step. The song is – by far – the best on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. I just love the chord structures, the slightly hoarse vocal delivery, the harmonies, the complexity of the arrangement, and how it’s just so damn catchy. Continue reading

The first song I can remember dancing to

Everett True brought back some memories with his recollection of the first song he can remember dancing to. It’s funny how memory works – just flashes here and there, nothing chronological, and only cryptic clues to give an indication of time. When I was nine, I could very clearly remember being three, but now I can barely remember being nine. I do remember this song, though. Continue reading

Stayin’ Alive In The Wall

One of my earliest musical memories is of Pink Floyd taking the Christmas number one spot in 1979. Two of the albums I played most in my childhood were The Wall (which I got into when I was ten) and the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, which was a permanent fixture in our house. I certainly remember spinning around to You Should Be Dancing when I was five or so. Continue reading