Top 100 singles of all time: The B52s, Kate Bush, Aerosmith, Run DMC and the Sisters of Mercy

The B52s - Rock Lobster

What’s the word I’m looking for? Congruence? Confluence? A meeting-point where the weird and the popular align. I’ve been impressed by that a lot lately – how curveball acts like Dutch Uncles and Everything Everything have become as commercially successfully as they are acclaimed.  Even so, even 35 years on, there has never been anything quite like Rock Lobster. Continue reading

Trending Topics: The Longest Tunes In My iTunes Library

Not sure if this topic is actually trending yet, but it should be! (Thanks, ET) It’s not based on all the songs in my collection, just the ones I have to hand. One song from each featured band (so it’s not just a list of Pink Floyd songs):

Sufjan Stevens – Impossible Soul (25:34)
Like Echoes, it’s like an album’s-worth of songs in one.

Pink Floyd – Echoes (16:31)
I still go absolutely weak at the knees watching that!

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Memory Lane: Cubanate (another one) pt 2





The Night We Trashed The Hotel

“Julian Beeston, he’s quite rock’n’roll. He’s been on Depeche Mode tours with Nitzer Ebb. Jools lobbed a TV through a window. Rock’n’roll cliché to the max. That was the worst. Jools said, “Guys, we can’t be wusses. We’re just not wrecking hotel rooms. So we all pooled together some money, lobbed the TV set out the window, just did the standard things, just so we could say we did it. Roddy wanted porn on his TV that night. He paid twelve bucks to get the porn channel and then complained to the hotel management that it wasn’t giving him an erection, and got his money back.”

By the end of the tour, all you want is a house in the country, picket fence, kids, dog. “You never want to leave the country again,” says Marc, “You want to be settled with 2.4 kids, it really does drive you to becoming an accountant with a Volvo. You do become rock’n’rolled out. One thing about touring, which is always fun, is that there is always a new scene every day. There’s always a new place every day. I think that, at a larger level, if you’re playing stadiums, you don’t see any of the town, whereas if you are playing to 500 people, you actually get to see and meet people, and that’s quite cool.”

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