The new rules of growing old gracefully

Nick Cave 2009 New York City David Shankbone

I was reminded an old post I made here, back when I could write. It’s not that I’ve forgotten how to do it, or magically been zapped by some wicked witch, but I’ve just run out of time and enthusiasm. I wonder if that’s what happens to everyone in the end. When was the last good Metallica album you heard? Isn’t the best recent Ministry album a pale copy of Psalm 69? I might hope for a good new NIN album, but we’ll likely get a dull slab of corporate dad-rock with some tinkly bits.

What happened to us all?

We got old. Rock ‘n’ roll comes with a deadline, and when you reach it, time to die or move on. You’re not supposed to still be there at 50.  Continue reading

The many deaths of Spooks

Just finished watching season 8 of Spooks, and I’m beginning to wonder why anyone would want to be a spy, given that they seldom survive long enough to collect their pensions.

In this spoiler-filled and rather gruesome list, let’s just recap the many nasty ways that the leading cast have met their ends:

Helen Flynn (2002) – boiled alive in a deep fat fryer. Funnily enough, that clip – which drew a record number of complaints to the BBC – is not on YouTube.

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