13 Greatest comedy moments about video games


Some of these clips of great comedy about video games are a lot of fun (most of them are barred to the UK), but they often don’t reflect the reality of a household where both of you are gamers. For example, Christian Finnegan talks about arguments, and the tradition of how people tend to keep bringing up past rows over and over and how they’re never really settled.

In our house, both being gamers, we know when an argument has reached a Checkpoint, which keeps things refreshingly linear. We’ve made too much progress to start the whole thing from scratch, so you just have to put up with whatever dialogue choices you’ve made to that point and keep moving forward. Trying to revisit a previous argument is as futile as trying to go back to the previous level, only to find that the door is barred behind you. Tough s***, sucker! You should have picked up the Achievement Points the first time around.
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