America’s Sweethearts

Though it’s by no means a classic, this underrated little gem from 2001 is much funnier than much more highly-regarded Hollywood comedies. It skirts a fine line between romcom, satire and American Pie-style gross-out gags, but comes out winsomely as light, cheeky fun.

Most of its strengths lie in its casting – Billy Crystal, Stanley Tucci and Seth Green handle the satire while John Cusack and Julia Roberts put on their best love-me faces. Continue reading

The Lovely Bones

It’s not much of a surprise that a Peter Jackson film is beautifully-filmed. Neither does it come as much of a shock to find that its one flaw is that it drags a bit in places – so eager to preserve its dreamy stillness and occasionally unbearable tension – but like most of Peter Jackson’s work, it has much to recommend it.

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