New Star Trek: Into Darkness trailer looks absolutely amazing


I’ll admit that I’m getting very excited about the new Star Trek film. The last one was a near-perfect example of what family-friendly big-budget action films should be like. Remember how we lamented that they don’t make films like (Star Wars, Indiana Jones) any more? Star Trek was that movie. Now, with the same director and frankly wonderful cast behind it, there’s every reason to believe that JJ Abrams will deliver once again.  Continue reading

Beyond 2012: Five things to look forward to when that Mayan calendar flips again


Star Trek Into Darkness

Let’s not beat around the bush here: the last Star Trek was f***ing magic, and this returns with the same director and perfect cast. Here’s hoping for the same mixture of exhilarating action, spot-on humour and warm, fuzzy feelings we got from the last one.  Continue reading

The Amazing Truth About Zachary Quinto

Wait, what now? Zachary Quinto was on Charmed? Well, what the hell else did you think I was referring to? Oooh, the gay thing. Yeah, I don’t really have an opinion on that for one simple reason: I was never going to sleep with him anyway.

It’s like when X-Factor winner Joe McElderry came out, and someone saw fit to point out on the Youtube comments that at his original audition the judges said, “The girls are going to love you”, with the annotation of “awkward, much?” I mean, how is that awkward? Aren’t those girls in the exact same position as before: worshipping from afar a cute, dimple-cheeked teen who they’re unlikely to ever meet?

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5 Awesome Trailers (from weirdly disappointing films)

Sometimes a trailer is two minutes of perfect entertainment in itself. If the film turns out to be wonderful, we think nothing of it, but if there’s a disparity with the final product, it can prove immensely disappointing. But at least there’s still that excellent trailer to enjoy.

1. Star Trek: Nemesis

The trailer: it’s tense, absorbing, breathtaking, moving and funny. If they’d actually made the film that this trailer depicts, Star Trek wouldn’t have needed a reboot.

The reality: the fact they’d hacked up unrelated lines from the film to make much wittier dialogue in the trailer just added insult to injury.

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5 Awesome Fan Communities

I think we’ve all been there: sitting on our hands and biting back the nerd rage after one hissy comment too many on a fan forum and trying not to type “really? Have you tried not being a total jerk?” Of course, you can’t actually write that – not if you want to retain your membership – but anonymity and silly one-upmanship make for an ugly combination. An unfriendly fan community can really spoil the experience of fandom. Most places have the impersonal, chaotic atmosphere of an airport departure lounge. Some are outright vicious, but many scare off new members through sheer aloofness, and that’s aside from the downright strange.

Some fan communities, however, bring out the best in the members. They enhance the experience of enjoying whatever is being celebrated, and are more than the sum of their parts. A good fan community goes beyond the pleasure of mere media consumption and fosters a sense of belonging among all its members. We all know people who’ve forged friendships and relationships within fan communities. To the artists in question, such long-term presence adds value – a fan can spend hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars over a lifetime – but most of all, it’s that warm fuzzy feeling of reciprocal affection that makes being a fan so much fun.

(Fluff) Friends

The cutesy anime-ish Facebook game revolves around pets that you feed, pet and race. Unlike Tamagotchi, your pet won’t die if neglected, but it will get very, very sad (you mean-hearted bastard!). You can “adopt” anything from an elephant to a piece of tofu, and some 340,000 people are playing the game. What makes (fluff)friends an awesome community is the forum’s trading post, where members can swap pets, props and habitats for the free currency “munny”, or real-dollar currency “gold”. $5 buys you 50 gold, and items fall or rise in value like real-world stocks and shares. One of the most expensive habitats, at around 500 gold, would therefore be $50 in real terms. A kind-hearted forum-member gave me the habitat, for free, “just because”. Such wild generosity isn’t even unusual – random acts of kindness are just part of the (fluff)friends culture.

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