Unreal Engine 3 Now Works In Flash

I was just browsing Kotaku for news on Rage (verdict: mixed – though I pretty much don’t trust game reviews any more since I’ve seen too many good games under-scored (Hunted) or ignored (Enslaved) and too many average games overhyped). Instead, what caught my eye was a feature on how the Unreal Engine 3 now works in Flash – you know, that thing websites use.

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Most overlooked posts of the past 3 months

3:10 to Yuma

1. Terminator 2, and other remixes
Pogo: “Comprising nothing but small sounds recorded from Terminator 2, Skynet Symphonic is my tribute to one of the greatest action features of all time.”
I’ve also included a few of Pogo’s other innovative “remixes”.

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Platform Wars: Some Consolation

Resident Evil 5 Sheva

Seriously, has he played every game that there’s ever been? I’m staring incredulously at my nephew’s gamerscore. Sure, there’s a couple of games I beat him on, but on the whole he’s got twice as many Achievements as me on my entire game collection, plus at least twice as many other games, including – bafflingly – the Harry Potter games. I’m impressed he got further into Fable II than me. Teenagers must have greater attention spans than easily-bored thirty-somethings. So, yes, I’m making my way through The Pile – this time, of unplayed console games. Since these belong to my husband – Him Indoors, as I call him – he chips in with advice during my marathon play-through.

Him Indoors: You need to try Enslaved first. Seriously. It’s the most excited I’ve been about a game in ages.

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

The game hasn’t actually arrived yet. HI ordered it a few days back, but what with the bank holidays things aren’t travelling as fast as they should. So I’ve downloaded the demo, and off we go.

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