Missing Logic: The Woman In Black

The Woman in Black movie poster

It’s hard to believe this pant-poopingly scary film is a 12, but you know me, I’ll scream at anything. People love to watch horror flicks with me because I jump so dramatically at every spook that it makes them feel on edge, thus amplifying the scares. It’s far from the most scary film I’ve seen, but nestles in comfortably between What Lies Beneath and The Others for old-fashioned chills.


Daniel Radcliffe puts in a competent enough performance as Arthur Kipps that you get over the Harry Potter jokes within the first few minutes. Then you might be forgiven for spending a brief time noting how handsome he’s turned out before recoiling from the weirdness and putting that thought out of your mind, thank you very much. After which you’ll just forget it’s got Harry Potter in it and get on with enjoying the film.  Continue reading