Top 100 singles of all time: 83 – The Supremes – You Keep Me Hangin’ On

I suppose I could have picked almost anything by The Supremes – Baby Love or Stop! In the Name of Love – they were the supreme girl group, after all. They started out as The Primettes in 1959, and at their peak they rivalled The Beatles in popularity, achieving 12 number one singles along the way. Most of their hits were written by songwriting powerhouse Holland-Dozier-Holland, but following their departure from the Motown label in 1968, the quality of the band’s singles (along with many other Motown acts) deteriorated. Diana Ross began her solo career the following year. Continue reading

#musicmonday : The Supremes – Baby Love

Apologies for my extended absence – I was off having a baby! (She’s so adorable she was making the midwives feel broody!)

Anyway, here’s a song with “baby” in the title.

Baby Love was a 1964 Holland-Dozier-Holland hit for The Supremes. Its last day at number one in the US Billboard chart was 21 November, the date on which I went into labour.

Is there really such a thing as selling out?

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I know this is going to come as a shock to you, but albums aren’t made by little pixies waving magic wands. Whatever dreams are spun of, Phase 1: plan to be famous; Phase 3: profit, the reality is more mundane. It’s something we accept about the film industry, because it lets us in on its processes. We understand it’s a giant corporate behemoth mired in politics and dodgy dealings, but can appreciate that this can still result in magical works of art.
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