David Bowie – The Stars (Are Out Tonight)

David-Bowie by Rik Walton CC-BY-SA

I’m still sick, lying in bed, catching up. I went to work today, but was too tired to wait for a bus, so I cabbed it from the station. The kind of tired where I forgot the name of my road for a moment. The tired where I tripped getting out, grazing my knee and ruining my beloved shoes.

Luckily the Bowie song I’ve been putting off hearing in case it’s crap turns out to be good.
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Michael Clayton

You would be forgiven for getting a bit lost for the first few minutes of watching Michael Clayton. It shifts back and forth in time and there’s not much in the way of exposition, and the directorial style is of that very dry, understated variety that tends to be confusing unless things are explained very clearly, which they’re not.

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