Great Mixtapes: Select – Red Tape

Following yesterday’s delightful free mixtape, I was reminded of one of my all-time favourite compilations. Red Tape came free with issue 4 of Select Magazine, in October 1990 (I was turning 14). It had a fairly major impact in forming my music tastes at the time.

I’m going to embed all of the tracks (where available) because it’s definitely worth hearing in its entirety, and I’ve put links to anything I’ve covered elsewhere. It covers a wide range of music so there should be something here for everyone.
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Ultra Vivid Scene feat Kim Deal – Special One

Select Magazine used to come with cover-mounted cassettes entitled Red Tape. These compilation gems pretty much moulded my taste in music, introducing young teenaged me to everyone from Silverfish to Megadeth.

One of the tapes included this song that can still send shivers up my spine. It’s a deceptively simple hook and melody that’s just exquisitely crafted and has stayed with me for fully 20 years. It’s sweet in the way the Carpenters were sweet and breezy the way the Mamas and Papas were breezy. Delicious and light, not saccharine.

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