10 Great Bunny Moments

Rabbits in film? It’s Easter tomorrow, and to celebrate, here are some of my favourite lagomorphic cinematic moments.

10. Mallrats – The Easter Bunny

After Brodie frames the Easter Bunny for his injuries (which were really caused by sleazy Ben Affleck), his buddies take their revenge. It’s the kids’ reactions that make this scene.

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10 (more) best music scenes in movies

Moviefone recently produced a list of their top 50 best music scenes in movies (exempting musicals or scores).

I think they made some pretty notable omissions. Here are 10 more, in no particular order.

10. She’s All That
The scene: prom night

There’s nothing new about expertly choreographed dance scenes in movies – but when it’s completely unexpected, it does seem more magical. This was a welcome twist on the obligatory school prom scene, with a tacked-on explanation that it’s the school dance club showing off their moves.

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