tl;dr – what you REALLY agreed to when you signed up


Blah-blah-blah-blah I accept. I mean, who really reads those Terms of Service anyway? I know, I try to, but they’re so very long and if you decide they’re being unreasonable, what choice do you have? OK, so you can choose not to use the service, but that usually feels like shooting yourself in the foot when those disclaimers are rarely used for evil and usually just to indemnify themselves against frivolous lawsuits.

But it would be nice to know which particular demon we were offering up our firstborn children to, so Terms of Service; Didn’t Read has very helpfully put together a rough guide to all those nasty, unreasonable clauses we agree to every day without bothering to read properly.  Continue reading

South Park (season 10)

I think a lot of people stopped watching South Park after the third or fourth series, because it just descended into crass shock tactics and pointless cruelty. I certainly did. It was therefore something of a surprise to find season 10 (so far, I’ve not finished it yet) is as sharp, funny and well-observed as The Simpsons at its peak.  Continue reading