Epilogue: JG Thirlwell’s inspiration

JG Thirlwell by Scott Irvine 2006

Since my first post was about how JG Thirlwell inspired me, it seemed only fitting to let the Foetus man have the last word. 


I’m sorry to see Princess Stomper’s entertaining blog disappear and hope she continues her observations elsewhere. In light of the “inspired” theme of her blog, I was asked to comment on what inspires lately. You can get an idea of this by looking at my Tumblr blog, where I make entries about cultural events that I’ve experienced and other stuff.

But I’d like to comment on the fertile community of artists in NYC that work outside of the gallery system, and create unselfishly for the love of it, and in doing so have created their own cosmos.

Way Way Up Close Far Away


Secret Project Robot, helmed by Erik Zajaceskowski and Rachel Nelson, have been movers and shakers in North Brooklyn for years in throwing events, concerts, creating installations and having art shows and openings. They moved to their current Bushwick digs a year or so ago after an eight year stay at the Monster Island building they had on Kent Avenue in Williamsburg. The Monster Island building housed rehearsal studios, independent businesses and also the Live With Animals gallery aka Vashti Windish and Cameron Michel, among others.


Cameron Michel art example


Vashti and Cameron are another creative and generous pair who create pieces in many media and styles as well as having their own band K-Holes.


Their galaxy contains a multitude of visionaries including Raul De Nieves, an incredible renegade multi-disciplinary dynamo of an artist, as well as a walking artwork


Raul de Nieves photo Mario Sorrenti styled by Panos Yiapanis


and Micki Pellerano, who creates extremely delicate, detailed and fine pencil drawings in the style of old masters with perverted twists, as well as videos and rituals.


Micki Pellerano Revelation


The creativity, selflessness, energy and vitality of these amazing people and community, along with the huge amount of culture in New York City, inspires me endlessly.

– JG Thirlwell



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