Steroid Maximus – Ectopia

Q: I thought you were going to STFU about JG Thirlwell until HIDE came out.

A: Yes, but I got bored waiting and bought this instead. I liked it, and figured I should instruct you to run out now and buy it right away.

Q: Exactly how bored?

A: Well, while I was listening to it, I figured I’d draw a little picture of Thirlwell in Photoshop.

Q: You know that pic’s completely f***ing terrible, right?

A: Yes. I’ve never drawn anything electronically before, so I figured I’d teach myself to draw while listening to Ectopia.

Q: That’s some exquisite level of boredom. Pray, what possessed you to take up a new artform in which you have no experience and clearly not much aptitude?

A: JG Thirlwell is my muse: he makes me want to make things. Actually, he makes me want to hug kittens out of sheer joy whenever I hear the sweet, sweet noodlings of his creative brain. I need to buy a kitten just so I can exuberantly hug it. Only problem is that I don’t really like cats.

Q: I … see. And what does Thirlwell make of your obvious eccentricity?

A: Money, mostly. Buy this album, it’s very good.


Agent Ribbons

Jerry’s comment in my Collapse Board post (caught in the spam filter – sorry, Jerry!) enticed me to check out this “Vaudevillian” two-piece from California. Most of what Everett True links to is crappy lo-fi all-girl punk bands. This is a lot like that, but they’re actually quite good.


There’s something of a Tom Lehrer vibe going on there with the wry wit of the lyrics.

It’s not a setup I normally like – given that I thought The White Stripes were total sh*te – but this lot have a great deal of charm and personality that proves instantly engaging. I’m not yet hooked enough to run out and pre-order forthcoming album Chateau Crone, but I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out to see what they do next.